The Hitchhiker's Guide to Blogging.

Since Bob is so terribly depressed about his blog, I will share SOME stuff he needs to know to blog. (not all, I still want to be better :D)

First things first (duh *drumbeat*) those handy little tabs when you are editing are: Posting::New Posts:Edit Posts:Comment Moderation. These are pretty straight forward. All you posting needs there. P.S. If you stop typing for a while, or press Crtl+S, your post will save. Do this often, just in case.

Settings(there is a lot, so the most important)::Basic:Publishing:Formatting:Publishing. Basic is for editing all the basic stuff, like title, and description. Publishing is to edit where you post to, (to change to domain name) Formatting is to edit how you blog IS. Like the date on the header, (you'll see it says Dec. 26 above my post, that is the header) archives, stuff like that. And Publishing. You can add more authors here, and decide who can see your blog. (for those paranoid creeps) P.S. If you are logged in, and have QuickEdit enabled, you can edit your posts and Gadgets with ease.

Layout::Page Elements:Fonts and Colors:Edit HTML:Pick New Template. These are pretty straightforward too. Page elements is for editing and re arranging the page layout. Fonts And Colors decides the fonts and... colors. Edit HTML lets you, well you get the point.

Monetize is for those who have an Adsense account, it lets you decide where to put your ads.

Now onto the bar for posts. To the far left is for changing the font. Like I am doing right now.

Now, next to that is font SIZE.

Beside that, is bold, and Italic. This is useful for stressing points, and just for fun.

Next is text color! Things always look better in color!

Links, the thing bob really wants to know about. To add a link, highlight some text, and click link,

then paste in a URL. You must get the URL first though.

The rest are for making lists, and stuff like that. Add an image, by copying the image location

(right click, select Copy Image Loaction) to the box available.

That is basically it. I know a little more stuff, But I have to, to be better than Bob!

Ciao for Now!

Sorry for the size, I can't seem to fix it.

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Sean Joudry said...

Put links and pictures to gain hits on Google, thats one of the main things to do to get hits, and thats something neither of you do too often.

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