Yeah, Google Likes Me.

I have been checking around my Sitemeter account, and noticed that I have gotten a visit from some one in Europe. More specifically someone who runs on a Google provider. So, I don't know if Google actually provides any Internet or not (maybe the new Droid) but it is odd, considering I don't know who it i- never mind. I am guessing that it is most likely my brother's friend. This is awesome. And apparently it runs on a Mac. Odd...

Anyway, as you should know by now, IMM is in full swing. Luckily, I have two weeks in advance marked out on my calender, finally giving me a chance to use it. So stay tuned to my blog everyday for the memes. (also digg me if you can, it will boost my viewers)

Prominence is giving me a hug almost every day now. It is kinda creepy. But yet somewhat sweet.

Also today, I stood by a kid who everyone picks on. I felt bad for him, so I decided to be his bodyguard for the day. Protecting him from the idiots who feel they have to make someone else feel bad, to make themselves feel better. Because most of the time, this is why bullying happens. Now I could go on about the effects of bullying, and all that stuff, but I then would feel that I would lose the 2 viewers I still get. So not now. Check here if you want to know. ( I suggest you do, it is pretty interesting)

Anyway, today Bob insulted me about how IMM is not hard, saying that he found 30 in 15 minutes. This is because he of course looked at a list of memes, (which I have yet to do) and picked out the best 30. I have two weeks already, FROM MEMORY! Yeah. Pwned.

So... don't eat cats. That is my healthy tip of the week. (or month, or year, or eon, or decade, or century, or millennium, or... whatever is after that)

And Another Thing... We have to do this speech for Language Arts, so I decided to do it on a cousin of mine; the great, almighty Winston Churchill (who's name is also so commonly used, it is programmed into Spellcheck, while bizarrely, Spellcheck itself is not)

This concludes my broadcast. Ciao for now. I have to go, considering I just thought of two more memes.

P.S: check out here for a funny video. The scout's muscles remind me of what I say to mine. :D

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