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I recently have been trying to boost up my Karma. Of course with any good thing that I do, Bob has to overdo it, (punk) saying that he needs "points" for spending. This was of course is based a joke I made a couple days ago. He thought it was funny, and decided to continue wearing it out throughout the week. Of course, I have been giving Prominence (the name she has, and shall stay as) gifts lately, on account of just feeling like it. Bob gives me these gifts in the first place, but I don't like lollipops really.

As I hope you have noticed, Internet Meme Month is in the beginning stages. I shall try to get 30 Internet Memes in one month. This might be hard, on the account I only know like, 17. But like NaNoWriMo, It must be done. (well not must be done) I have had two images so far, and the month is only starting. So please check in everyday for a new image. ( I'll try my best on weekends)

So a little more about the collaboration blog that Bob and I might do, on account of the fact that we have little ideas, we most likely will postpone this activity. That does not mean we won't do it! It just means that we cannot think of what to do it on. So whenever Bob or I gets an idea, you (all one of you) will be the first to hear about it. I have come up with doing a review blog, but I don't think Bob will agree to this unfortunately.

Just FYI Bob, the first unwritten rule of good deeds, is you do good deeds because they are good, not because you feel you have to. DUH!

Hmmmph short post today, Oh well. Better run before Catherine catches me.

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bobxce said...

But I do have to do good deeds! It says so right here, in section 6, paragraph 3, sentence 2.

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