Don't Stop Me Now...

I was looking around Digg, and I founf this really cool video, based off an awesome game, and an even awesome...r song! It was made on too. Therefore making it better than a Youtube version. Because Youtube is soooo overrated. is the video sharing network of the future!

Anyway, Here is the link. OMG IT IS SO GOOD CLICK HERE TO SEES IT!

lol click here.

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Why Does This Always Happen to Me...

Allo Allo! I am back, Catherine yesterday didn't show up until like, 5:00, after leaving at 9:00, and again punished me for having my slippers fall off in the kitchen. Weird... Anyway, I guess I have to talk about school, and our collaboration blog. Oh! And our Spider-man sub.

First things first, (no duh! *drumbeat*) School. Bob and I were discussing our regular crap, religion, love, video games (okay maybe not that one....) and I push in all the chairs to boost my self-esteem (and because it is a good deed) So we go outside, and we go outside to get some fresh air, and talk more about life. Then as we walk over to the basketball court, Michaela comes up from behind me, and gives me a bear hug. Although slightly awkward, it was a sweet act. So I had to do something for her. But I'll get to that later. So then all her "friends" crowd around me, asking me questions about what I think our marriage, Michelea, and other stuff. I (like bob) do not like being crowed. For while I am not claustrophobic, I do like having personal space. Bob, of course runs away to kingdom come being the great person he is, (just kidding bob, I know your fear) and leaving me to look for him. Since Michaela was so "nice," I decided to give her a lollipop to even out my Karma levels.

And of course, being the great bloggers we are, (not as much bob though, I know how to do more stuff, and I have Sitemeter) are going to start a blog together. Now, I tried convincing him to join nukecrap, but I don't think he will. So whenever the new site comes up, I will post our URL. (I am making though. He doesn't know how to add an author probably) And BTW, thanks to Sitemeter I know that my site has had over 100 page views! W00t! I have about 50 visits too. So that means every one who came viewed about 2-3 pages. Now i have to wait until 200...

Anyway, the new substitute in our class was very cool. He looked like Peter Parker form all the Spider-man movies! And he was very comedic at that. Coming up with improv for every safety symbol. He also let us play on when we were done our symbols. I just wish He could shoot webs out of his wrists...

Anyway, Life has been normal lately. So see you in another week with a post.

P.S if you don't get the title, see here

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Hearts Are For Losers

Catherine's Heart
Recently my sister has been insulting practically everyone she doesn't like, saying things like "Hey Mom, the idiots in my class having started wearing cat bells around their neck." Or "The druggies were down at BLT" (our elementary school, which we used to attend) Therefore proving the point again that she has absolutely no heart what so ever. This I already knew, but I wish to tell it to the "public" to raise my self-esteem.

While I am on the topic of hearts, I wish to speak of mine. I, myself, have been heartbroken many times. But I believe that my relationship with this girl could possibly be different. For one she does not seem to fear being next to me, and treats me as a good friend. Now I have been told from psychologists that this is the base for a good life, and it seems to make sense, so I shall hope that it is true. I mean if it is not, the scars on my heart will complete the silhouette of Frank Sinatra that I hope to achieve. (not literally. I hope)

Catherine currently is skipping school a lot, pretending to be sick. I find that this is almost as low as her normal, dramatically lowness. I mean, insulting the way people dress and act behind their backs is just LOW. Lower than (I believe than is right in this context bob) dumping someone because they have glasses. Which I believe is pretty bad, having glasses myself. But pretending to be sick adds to her list of very bad deeds. If only Karma would work for Catherine...

*Pretends to be bob* Today our heroine (Michelea) was sitting next to her "future husband" in our Physical Education class. She proceeded in poking Forten (that's me) with a small, broken pencil. Forten secretly enjoyed the "pain" since he was being poked be his crush. Although this is somewhat masochistic, Forten did not really feel any pain, instead laughing at how much it did not hurt. Our heroine tells Forten that he should build up some more muscle (I have enough anyway) if he wished to have a girlfriend before he became the real 40-Year-Old virgin. Forten thought "I don't think I am going to have problem with that at this rate." While Bob just sits there laughing as if he just watched the second funniest trombone player ever. Our heroine tells Forten that he should become a pimp (which I - no offense to real pimps - resent terribly) or even an emo. She calls over her friend... umm... George, to teach Forten how to be a pimp.

Forten kindly refuses to this offer, knowing George would probably tell him some things he did not need to know about the human body, which although he finds interesting, does not wish to learn as much about the parts George more likely know about. Bob continues to laugh in the corner, being ignored by all of our characters. And so he shall stay this way.

Our heroine also makes a dirty joke, saying Forten would not understand. Bob then tries to be funny by replying with a second dirty comment. The heroes must be interrupted from their conversation to play a quick game of basketball, soon defeated, return to their seats. They talk about several other topics, before sadly parting ways after the bell.

Whew. That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Bob might have to make way for me.
Well, That's All Folks!

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Curse Karma... Retake

Since the demon in the below post was actually cool, here is the REAL Catherine.

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Curse Karma...

For the reason I have not been posting in forever, let me just say that my "sister" has gotten me killed. For personal reasons, I am no longer allowed to be on the Internet (including now) to do anything. So I shall most likely be not updating again until Christmas. I shall try to update the image of the day when I can, but other than that, I will not be speaking to you guys.

Starting on a new note, I have recently seen a documentary on the famous Nostradamus. (so famous in fact, his name is built into spell checker) He did not in fact predict the 9/11 disaster. He was accused of this, but someone actually made up a quatrain to trick us all. (gullible us) It said...
"In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb",
The third big war will begin when the big city is burning"

- Nostradamus 1654

Wait... Nostradamus died in 1566! How does he write beyond death? He didn't. This is an example of how people "abused" Nostradamus' quatrains. So why I know believe that 2012 is not real, is that the same thing could have happened to agree with the Mayan calender. (which is a circle, so has multiple reasons for "ending" in 2012) The only reason I believed the 2012 crap, is because Nostradamus agreed.

But for all I know, this may not be true. BUT, he did predict a third Antichrist in our time. Although that may have been Saddam Hussein, I still have a right to think that it is not. (BTW, an Antichrist is like a dictator, except usually much worse) So either way, something bad is supposedly going to happen soon. Unless it did refer to Hussein, then we should be safe for at least 20 years or so. (YK2 happened, so maybe 2037 could)

I hope that clears things up for a while. Because I will not be on for a long while. Hmmm, while I am here, I suppose that I should talk about the topic of my rumored wife.

A girl in my class (you know who Bob) is supposedly going to marry me in the future. I do not in anyway believe that this is for love, but is in fact for the money that I will most likely have a lot of. I hope to either become an astronomer, or a voice actor. Both of which I am getting quite good at. She will probably marry Tristen for the *cough* *cough* "appeal." I am simply-as Bob would say-a gold digger. I do not know if I am sad about this, or if I am just insulted. Either way, I am getting a "friend" some time in the future. (I like quotation marks)

So... hmm, I haven't made a reference to anything in a while. Wow. I'm sorry (*shoots you in the face*) that I will not be able to post for a long time. So I have made this somewhat long post, to take place of several small posts every day. I hope this will satisfy you for a month. Because I am not going anywhere for a while. Now I must go AOTS is on, and I do not wish to miss much. Ciao for now. (and basically a month)

P.S to Bob: Yes Bob. I know and I am disturbed. Kichigai! (search that one up yo' wanker!)

P.P.S Portal Rules

Final Thought: So does Mirrors Edge.

Final Thought P.S: AOTS does too.

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The Longest Post I Can Bear to Write.

Hmm... Bob always complains about how short my posts are, so I need something really long to talk about... How 'bout my crappy ping lately. Well, A screen shot of my post would be available, But I do not know how to zoom in on the ping test thing.

But to give you my stats: Ping:743ms Jitter:874ms Packet Loss:13% Line Quality: F

You suck Aliant. That is only from a server, like 50 miles away in Truro. So I would not expect such terrible results as this. Sometimes our Internet fixes itself by magic though. So hopefully that happens again sometime soon.

By the way; for those who don't know (Bob) Ping is the time it takes (in milliseconds) for something you do, to go to the server, and back to you. anything below 100 is okay. Above 200, getting pretty bad. Mine, No TF2 for me for a while you could say. Jitter is "the difference between the lowest ping recieved and the highest" to quote my brother. Below 50 is good, (none preferably) but 874?! THIS IS MADNESS!! No TF2 ever at this rate. Packet Loss: is data (packets) that are sent to the server, but are never reached. 0% is what you want. 3% is bearable. Above 10, pretty bad. The higher the packet loss, the more buggy the online games will be. So, I am going to go restart my modem, and see if that helps. (Brother said it would)
If not, let us hope the magic will kick in again.

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Take 2 Minutes...

As you probably know, it is Veteran's Day. So you should be nice to those who lost their lives. They gave us freedom be doing this. So just take a minute of silence, to remember them. It is only a Pittance Of Time. In peace may they may they rest. They put their lives on the line for us. SHOW SOME RESPECT MAN!

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Sitemeter FTW

I just got a blog checker called Sitemeter, so when lil' ol' Bobby or **** comes to see my site, then I will know. Because I am watching you. I know when you come on. I AM a stalker.
Nah, I'm just kidding. I am not that creepy. (or AM I?)

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14/Infinity Days

Sorry I have not updated a lot lately. For one, I cannot update on the weekend. For personal reasons. Secondly, I got the new game 358/2 days. I have been playing it for the last few days.It is very fun. Anyway... Recently I have been learning about microbes, cells, bacteria, any small, invisible organisms basically. It makes me so paranoid. The H1N1 virus is luckily mostly affecting pregnant woman and small children. But I am still at risk! (that's what she said) Hopefully I shall stay healthy. If not, you shall most likely hear of my struggles through this. Not that you care anyway empty room. But whatever. 1 + 1 CAN equal window, so life CAN go on in my blog! And I will always be Still Alive!

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I Am A Human.

Sorry empty room, you may have noticed that I have not updated much lately, that is because I am very busy lately, and do not have much time. Recently I have had to give an oral report on a book, Bristelboard science project, LA writing story, Homework, practice for a concert, (I play the flute) and several other minor things. I have tried to update my poll and "Image of the Day" as much as I can, but have not had much time. So on another note, today I slept in until 8:20, giving me only about 10 minutes to get ready, and catch my bus. Turns out I forgot my flute sheets. It wasn't a great day, because on top of that, I was given even more homework. Speaking of which... nah, I will get onto it later.

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If Only... (aka the first post that makes no sense)

If only the world were square like we thought it was, then sailors would fall off the earth, and sitcoms would suck. Money would eat pie with Mr. Jones, and cheese would have no fart power. (dun dun duuuuuuuun) Then I would see through walls with my laser-firing glass nose. And bobxce would not have a girlfriend named Shelly. And Spongebob would go on a killing spree. And Homer Simpson would buy small, white, track pants. And...
(continues on as dragged to insane asylum)

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Twilight Sucks

For another strong opinionated post, I shall talk about Twilight. I myself do not like the series, and find it strange that some people bow down to Edward, and kiss his portrait at night, but there are cults for most things nowadays. If only HHG2tG had a cult... oh wait, it does! I'll join it after I am done here. Anyway, I think that Twilight is a poorly written series, but highly addictive to teenage females. Now if HHG2tG had followers as loyal as them, we wouldn't have 9/11, or the war in Afghanistan, or WW2, or agnostics. But we do. So we have all those things. But back to Twilight. I find that it's characters are well thought out, and good. But too highly addictive to be reasonable. So onward and upward to a better place! Farewell for now non-un-believers! I have to go join a HHG2tG cult!

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Never thought of that...