Ooooh, Ahhhh, Pretty Blog!

As I hope you have noticed, I have a new blog template. It is much prettier than my old one. If you have not, then please drive yourself to your nearest ophthalmologist (eye doctor) and get your eyes checked. I'll wait.

Okay, no more waiting. Now before you panic, (hands Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and points at cover) no, this may not be a permanent change. It will depend on the outcome of my poll. ( I hope they say yes) I had to look into several different templates before deciding on this one. I liked the fact that it was black, yet appealed to my love of all things science fiction (not sci-fi bob)

I came up with the idea to switch when Sean told me to do something productive. This seemed productive enough. I suppose that I could have recorded those BK glitches that I always wanted to, but that shall be for later I guess. Maybe after I finish this post. (Banjo Kazooie for those non-die hard Rare fans out there; Yes Bob, I'm looking at you)

Ho hum... Well while I am here, I guess that I should speak about the recent uprise in jobs in America. (wow, never thought this would happen) Obama has recently increased the jobs available in America. The unemployment has gone from 10.2% to a solid 10%. While this measly 0.2% may not seem like much, this is for ALL of America. That means a lot of new jobs were created.

So if you are that one viewer in America, Good for you! If you are young like me, then good for your parents! If your parents are dead, then good for your guardian! If you are an orphan who was abandoned by his family, but then stole a computer, which he brought to jail to check my blog every couple days, then life probably couldn't get any worse for you!

The only bad thing about the unemployment rate, is that is is more likely to get much worse in 2010. (and 2013, when like 500 people kill themselves on December 20, 2012) But good news is good news! And with all the recent murders and rapes, good news is exactly what we want.

P.S to jailbird: Wait until the gaurds figure out you can hack into the mainframe of the jail cell. Then life will be worse for me and you. You will be dead, and (more importantly) I will have one less viewer! *frowns*

P.P.S: Never Bob. I will never tell you how to edit your blog. Unless you bow down and gravel at my feet. Just kidding. But I still won't tell you probably. MWAHAHAHA!

Oh, and by the way , IMM will be an international thing one day. I'll get Bob to join next year. Maybe even the infamous Seanthebond...

Well, Ciao for now!

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Very nice looking. I do know how to edit your blog by the way.

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