Mother 4 the win

While surfing around the web, I have found something that has interested me greatly. Because of the quote Itoi said "What I mean is, if someone were to come up to me and say, “I’d like to make a MOTHER 4,” I might just say, “Sure, go ahead!” (laugh) Yeah, if there was a MOTHER 4, I’d really love to play it." They are technically legally allowed to make it, so it is fine.

I wish I could join this fan game, I have some weird ideas to add, but maybe I'll just submit some. (Like Undead Toaster, or Bad Comedian) Some random names would add a good humor to the already unappreciated Mother series. I'll give it to bob for Christmas just to bug him. But the sad thing is, that the crew is small, and it will take a while. So hopefully it is out before next, next Christmas.

Anyway... The time off has been good, beat those games I wanted to, had some fun with (virtual) friends, learned a bit about technology, all that good stuff. Oh, and I got excited for a new game. It looks interesting, but again, has no release date.

And for all the Mother 4 Goodness you don't care about, but I do, and this is my blog so I will post it anyway, go to this link. I hope you all have a merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

Ciao For Now!

P.S. mother pwns

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blue.penguin2 said...

ANOTHER bat man game? Looks like they're gonna overkill it, franchise it even more, and brand it, then use it again.

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