Who the Heck Wants to Save the World?!

So many things have happened in the last month, that it was hard to chose just one title, but I am fine with this one I suppose. It fits my mood.

Anyway, onto posting. Title first. Recently, I have found one of the worst reviews for Earthbound in the history of mankind. Including below-the-belt-hitting lines like "What a rip-off of the original Sonic the Hedgehog storyline!" and "Chrono Trigger is 1 multimillion times better than sucky old CursedBound." (shudders) I suppose people can have their own opinion, but this; this is madness! (madness? *300 quote*) Earthbound rules! At least according to the people who voted it as Most requested game for like, 6 months I think. And has over 15 cult sites.

My sister has recently become one of the criminals only today's technology could create. A pirate. While I have pirated a small amount (ROM's if they count, and FRAPS) but she has- or at least tried to- pirate over 40 gigabytes of crap. And I mean crap. 7th Heaven season one through five, all the episodes of the new crappy show she is in love with; "Secret Life of an American Teenager" I think is what it is called. Seriously, there are morals for pirates. (At least for me) 1. It cannot be obtained through legal means, or easily through legal means. (like FRAPS, which needed a credit card) 2. you are permitted to only pirate a maximum of 5 gigabytes per day. (Except if it is more, in that case it will take longer, but no pirated until it is done) 3. All who break these rules are susceptible to any form of pirate joke. Such as Blackbeard, Captain Hook, and "Ye be walking the plank tonight *insert pirate name here*!" The Pirate Bay already had had legal issues...

IMM is unfortunately over now. this is very sad. But I did get a bit of publicity from it. So that is good. Maybe by next year IMM will be a meme. That would make things so much easier. But alas, I am afraid tis not so. Oh well. I shall still try my hardest. Ciao for now my friends!

P.S here is the full review for those who want to see it.

P.P.S next time, I really want to try something, so if it doesn't work please ignore the post.

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Anonymous said...

Don't diss 7th heaven,though I agree, that's too much pirating.We used to watch it quite a while back before we stopped. We pretty much thoguht we were the only ones who watched it by the end! Anyways, the review for Earthbound must have been painful to read.

-Bob (The Saint)

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