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Before I forget, I have been watching The Office, (yes, for you bob) and the main character decides to sign up for an online dating site, but he needs a username, so he decides on "littlekidlover." Saying it is short, and to the point. There is also this guy who reminds me of Devon at school, who calls one of the secondary characters Mr. Poop instead of Mr.Schrute. The Office is awesome.

Now onto our regularly scheduled post...

I decided to write a contract for our PDR teacher, on the account of most of our class being an very *cough* male donkey-like *cough* towards him. They do not pay attention, disrupt, and speak out. So he deserves something like this. The contract in a nut shell says this: We will obey *censored*. We will do all that he commands. As long as he does the fun stuff he used to do. Like the bomb shelter activity. When I showed him the contract, it almost made him cry. (I can tell, I sit up front) So that should boost my self-esteem for a while. It caused us to finally have an okay PDR class. Except the delinquents did not sign it. But whatever.

(*final fantasy 3 fanfare plays* Forten gains a Karma level!)

Bob said on his blog that NaNoWriMo is harder than IMM (Internet Meme Month) when it is about the same difficulty, to find 30 different (none on Christmas of course!) memes, and post them up. It is very difficult though.

Prominence is very interesting. She says that she likes violence. I find this quite strange, but not unusual. I have to live with differences I guess.

And for Sean, my ping is now at a respectable B. I can play as much TF2 as I wish when I get unbanned! (As long as it stays this way)
Well, Ciao for now!

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