OMG, I missed one!

If you actually pay attention to my memes every day, you may have noticed that on Saturday, it was never updated. But thanks to my handy little thing over there, over there, OVER THERE>>>
( finally, took you long enough) I can keep up to date with all the missed work.

As I said earlier, it is not easy to update on the weekend. So sometimes I don't even get to do my meme of the day. So don't expect one on Christmas! Or Hannakuh. Nah I'm kidding, I'll be that nice, considering I'm not Jewish. (well, technically I'm not christian either, but...)

On Monday Bob missed a lot. He was out at some presentation thing or something I think. Whatever.
I enjoyed being a good person again today, doing all the normal things that I do, you know push in chairs, and all that stuff. I also learned how to type without looking at the keyboard, it takes a bit longer, but if I force myself to do it, I may soon learn the layout of the keyboard well enough to be able to see real time what is happening on Kongregate. I am doing this right now as much as I can actually.

Anyway, Mr Bauckman is one of the teachers whom I feel the worst for, considering half of his class does not care for the fun stuff he wants to do with us. And sometimes the people in his class just step on the last strand of my temper.

Yes, I do have a temper threshold, but it is pretty high. The class is pretty annoying. I can only stand so much before I have to start meditating, and find my happy place. I don't like getting angry, just like Hulk, you won't like me when I am angry. Don't get me wrong, I won't hurt anyone, (pacifism FTW) but get REALLY loud, and much harsher than normal.

Prominence did her speech on Monday, speaking about her online friend from Romania. She seems to like him. But on the off chance that he is a 47-year old fat guy from the Mexico, and has H1N1, I will still be here. You know how online relationships work. Along with my above average hearing, to make up for the fact that my eyesight is slightly below normal, I have discovered that he is either good at Photoshopping, or really hot. this is disappointing. But still, life goes on...

The Office is quite an interesting show. I am glad that I can now type and watch it at the same time. It has some (ahem) mature themes though. So I don't think all should watch it.

I wish that the world didn't have as much war. (yes, I am going to get into another talk about current affairs) I know that some people are way too stubborn to listen to reason, and violence is the only way, but still. War is war. It should not be the only solution. Like, the war in Baghdad went on for quite a while. And now there is a war in Afghanistan. Who knows how long this could happen for. And we are fighting a "war" against H1N1.

Prominence on Tuesday was asking to give me a make-over. She said that she could give me better clothes, (Pfff) and a good haircut. (*she's as bad as Mrs. Muise) I don't think that it is a very good idea to let her do this to me. It could be fun, yet bizarre.

A girl in our class, lets call her... Pixilated. (no, that is not her real name...) she tried to record the underwear color of everyone in the class. Of course, being me, I told her, but was slightly puzzled as to why I did. I probably do not want to know what this information is going to be used for.

Yesterday we had a substitute again. He looked cool, so I asked him if he had ever watched the coolest show ever, which is of course The Office. He said yes, surprising me quite a bit. I'm sure that he thought it was awesome.

Whew, that was quite a long post for only two days. And I had to edit like, 5 jot notes right now. So I guess I did pretty well. I took like half an hour though. Well, guess that is it for today.

Oh, wait! I should tell you about the idea I got for our co-op blog, if it ever happens. I said current affairs, considering I talked about them in the last two posts. Bob will say maybe I bet. Okay, now bye!

P.S this video rules! It keeps getting stuck in my head.
(Raindrops keep falling on my head. Not another rickroll)

P.P.S you remember when I said that I would post the link for the zombie attack video a while ago? well, I don't think it is ever coming! Sorry for that one viewer who cared, but, at least I remembered!

*sometimes I think I hear Ms. Muise say, okay, all the good flutes go practice now! and I'm like

Ciao for now!

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