One Year: Still Crappy

On this date, Nuclear Crap Dump celebrates it's first year in service! Yay! *applaud*In honor of this occasion, I may do a cooperative review of a certain game with Bob. But later.

For now, I'm going to review important events in the history of Nuke Crap. So get some sappy music, this might be long. (Any of these, would do)
The Truths: Oct 27- Several times throughout the short history of my blog, I have told the story of my life, and my opinion on things. Near the start of it's life, I dropped a big bombshell. That's right. I'm an atheist. (although I do believe in some things, like Karma) This was a relatively short post, but was filled with a lot of power, and emotions. I wouldn't take it back. I always have a right to share my opinion. And I will continue to do so until this blog dies one day.

Me Trying to Be Funny:  Nov.3- In this post, I tried to be funny, by making no sense whatsoever. You can see how it worked out. That's why I never make a joke post. It jusst leaves an awkward silence with those two viewers of mine... Although honestly, I don't know who can really pull of a joke post very well.I've seen some on forums, but they got locked quite often.

Big Brother is Watching Sitemeter: Nov. 10- Sitemeter. Because of Blogger's "Stats" System, You don't really need Sitemeter anymore. It's kinda... obsolete. But still, it provided me with updates on my small, but growing blog. Also, It led up to my next point. Being:

Google is Following Me...: Dec. 4 and Dec. 6- At first, I just though some dude in Europe was using the Android to look at my blog. But of course, that was not so. It was a Google bot looking for looking at sentences I had typed, and adding them to Google's  search queries. BUT WAIT! There's more! It seemed that Google had boosted my popularity by a bit. At least 20-40% more hits on my blog. Perhaps employees checking it out? Who knows? I don't. But Google helping me doesn't end there either. Just recently, I looked at Blogger's "Stats" system, just to check out what it was about. and I found preeety much all of my search word hits come from some form of Google. And about 35% of them are from  this Muramasa sword. (Thanks bob!) And one in Russian that was hard to recognize. (меч мурамаса) In English, guess what it was? Muramasa sword. Now, I got a lot of hits outside of Bob's help, many through Earthbound, Costume Quest, and Pyschonauts. But still, props to Bob for helping me out.

The Meme to End all Memes: Dec 1. -31- International Meme Month. An idea I created purely because I wanted to, honestly. Since Bob did NaNoWriMo, I wanted something to prove a challenge to me. I like the Internet, and all of it's weirdo things, so I thought it would be perfect. It was a tough challenge, but the round is coming up again this you. But this time, boht Bob and I will be doing NaNo and IMM this year. Look out for it. I doubt Sean will do it, but, meh. He has better things to do then appease me, and I understand that. I got my new cool new blog template during this month.
Hey! I'm On Earthbound!: Jan.6- Rejoice! I was found by a popular site. Which at the time, I frequented. I look in the "Community News" part of the Weekly review, "Earthbound... Journal... Weird tit- Wait! That's my weird title!" My fame was mainly a large spike, by about one hundred or so. It was great. I think I appeared one more time under my PK Hackin' post. I doubt I ever kept any of those one-time viewers, sadly.

Videos, and Pretty Ones Too: Jan. 14 - Ah.. Sean showed me how to add videos this day. I added a recent one that he had showed me too, as a test. "Tis a video about everyone's favorite plumber..." I think is how I put it back then. I've used videos several times since then, on Psychonauts, for Earthbound, to show you new things I'm keeping up with, all that stuff. They've become a big part of my blog, and if you've clicked all the first link here, you should be listening to one right now.

Hack 'dat Game!: I don't remember when I started - I have pretty much given up on this as of now, but I may return to it when I feel in the mood for it. I said that I would hack Earthbound, and make it more like my life, changing enemies, sprite art, text, map, doors, even the whole damn storyline. A BIG hack. It was too big for me. As I said, maybe when I get some more experience under my belt, I'll restart this. Look forward to more updates about this in the future.

We Can Do it if We Work Together: Mar. 22-Mar.25 - Game Week was an idea Bob had before me. And we talked about joining together for a while. So we finally worked it out, and I added him to the Nuclear Crap Crew for a week. We each did a good, and bad post. Psychonauts, and Golden Sun for me. He chose Muramasa, and Tales of Symphonia 2. We drew together almost all of my search hits with one week. Impressive, eh? We wanted to do a co-op post to end it off, and maybe this week, we finally will. But will it be Twilight Princess? Maybe, maybe not. Just wait and see.

Well, that was a brief history of Nuke Crap.  I hope you got some nostalgia out of  it. Bob (No, I'm not calling you Utopiasaur) is having his first birthday soon as well. Be sure to check him out as well.

Well, this has been Forten042 with Nuke Crap's first birthday. Make a wish (or suggestion) and leave it in the comment section.

Farewell, Forteno42, signing off.

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Utopiasaur said...

OMGOMGOMG you mentioned me! Anyways, congrats on your first year of blogging. I probably won't be doing IMM though, as I'll be soaking my towel in the much needed nutrients after Wrimo. I might though.

P.S. Read Animal Farm. Or Big Brother WILL find you. Do it or you'll go to the Ministry of Love.

P.P.S. I can't believe that I got you so many extra site views.

P.P.P.S. When you're dying I'll be still alive. (Congrats again.)

-You know who

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