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Despite the odd sounding title, I wish to speak about life. No, not (P.K.) Love, because we aren't (P.S.I) Rockin' out here. (Earthbound references rule) About cheese. The under appreciated milk product has come a long way from it's early days. Now being used in things such as cheese burgers, and Nachos. But the real problem is that it may one day be used as a weapon. with the world slowly degrading into chaos, crime has increased sufficiently. And now even the deaths of our fellows in Haiti are haunting our minds.

So my main point is that, do you really think you can trust anyone today? Remember kids, if a stranger ever offers you candy, say no. You don't know what could happen.
Play safe.

Heh Heh, that was my best impression of those fear-mongers on some news channels. I suppose it looks kind of weird, but whatever.

Apparently Bob over there is doing a "Gaming Week". I don't understand the point of
this. But that is Bob I suppose. Always being unexplainable.

Short post today, eh? Well Whatever. Ciao for Now!

P.S. I will not try to get the Gaia Beam until the last possible second. Because I can, unlike the Sword of Kings. Same with Star Pendant.

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bobxce said...

Yeah, I couldn't do a game week dueto my virus on the computer. Maybe next week. Maybe you could even, gasp co-author an article about Earthbound! By the way, I'm using a laptop, just so you know.

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