Bound for Earth on VC

Recently I have been exploring around all things Earthbound. It made me think. Reggie knows that hundreds of thousands of EB fans want it to be released on the Virtual console. But he still ignores our cries as if we are scum. Implying the words "I hear you, I just don't give a crap!"

We have to live with this unfortunately. Getting our beloved game from illegal sources. While I don't agree with this, it is such a well made game, I really have no choice, or I have to fork over about $300. (not including controller, and SNES) Or more considering on the auctioneer. So it dampens our spirits very much. The legal issues (thanks to Earthbound Central) may provide some answer, but there is a lot of games that borrow music for example, at the end of the game "ActRaiser" for example. The beginning sound familiar? A little like... this? And that isn't the start of it either. That is just one that is very noticeable. So why Reggie? Has the fact that Earthbound has been requested for the Virtual console for about, 5 months (or more, I just know that much for sure) mean nothing to you? Again, the line "I hear you, I just don't give a crap!" is implied again. *sigh* Oh well. Maybe I'll have to do the shadier thing, and inject it into one of my VC games...

But that about covers the dilemma with Nintendo of America. One day Reggie, I swear you will release it. And then make millions of dollars, and wonder why you didn't release it earlier. But until then, this is Forten042 saying: "Ciao for now!"

Oh, and if this gets on EBC, then I say "Fuzzy Pickles" to you. May it always bring back memories...

This song will always bring my joy. And nostalgia.

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