Twilight Sucks

For another strong opinionated post, I shall talk about Twilight. I myself do not like the series, and find it strange that some people bow down to Edward, and kiss his portrait at night, but there are cults for most things nowadays. If only HHG2tG had a cult... oh wait, it does! I'll join it after I am done here. Anyway, I think that Twilight is a poorly written series, but highly addictive to teenage females. Now if HHG2tG had followers as loyal as them, we wouldn't have 9/11, or the war in Afghanistan, or WW2, or agnostics. But we do. So we have all those things. But back to Twilight. I find that it's characters are well thought out, and good. But too highly addictive to be reasonable. So onward and upward to a better place! Farewell for now non-un-believers! I have to go join a HHG2tG cult!

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