The Longest Post I Can Bear to Write.

Hmm... Bob always complains about how short my posts are, so I need something really long to talk about... How 'bout my crappy ping lately. Well, A screen shot of my post would be available, But I do not know how to zoom in on the ping test thing.

But to give you my stats: Ping:743ms Jitter:874ms Packet Loss:13% Line Quality: F

You suck Aliant. That is only from a server, like 50 miles away in Truro. So I would not expect such terrible results as this. Sometimes our Internet fixes itself by magic though. So hopefully that happens again sometime soon.

By the way; for those who don't know (Bob) Ping is the time it takes (in milliseconds) for something you do, to go to the server, and back to you. anything below 100 is okay. Above 200, getting pretty bad. Mine, No TF2 for me for a while you could say. Jitter is "the difference between the lowest ping recieved and the highest" to quote my brother. Below 50 is good, (none preferably) but 874?! THIS IS MADNESS!! No TF2 ever at this rate. Packet Loss: is data (packets) that are sent to the server, but are never reached. 0% is what you want. 3% is bearable. Above 10, pretty bad. The higher the packet loss, the more buggy the online games will be. So, I am going to go restart my modem, and see if that helps. (Brother said it would)
If not, let us hope the magic will kick in again.

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