Hearts Are For Losers

Catherine's Heart
Recently my sister has been insulting practically everyone she doesn't like, saying things like "Hey Mom, the idiots in my class having started wearing cat bells around their neck." Or "The druggies were down at BLT" (our elementary school, which we used to attend) Therefore proving the point again that she has absolutely no heart what so ever. This I already knew, but I wish to tell it to the "public" to raise my self-esteem.

While I am on the topic of hearts, I wish to speak of mine. I, myself, have been heartbroken many times. But I believe that my relationship with this girl could possibly be different. For one she does not seem to fear being next to me, and treats me as a good friend. Now I have been told from psychologists that this is the base for a good life, and it seems to make sense, so I shall hope that it is true. I mean if it is not, the scars on my heart will complete the silhouette of Frank Sinatra that I hope to achieve. (not literally. I hope)

Catherine currently is skipping school a lot, pretending to be sick. I find that this is almost as low as her normal, dramatically lowness. I mean, insulting the way people dress and act behind their backs is just LOW. Lower than (I believe than is right in this context bob) dumping someone because they have glasses. Which I believe is pretty bad, having glasses myself. But pretending to be sick adds to her list of very bad deeds. If only Karma would work for Catherine...

*Pretends to be bob* Today our heroine (Michelea) was sitting next to her "future husband" in our Physical Education class. She proceeded in poking Forten (that's me) with a small, broken pencil. Forten secretly enjoyed the "pain" since he was being poked be his crush. Although this is somewhat masochistic, Forten did not really feel any pain, instead laughing at how much it did not hurt. Our heroine tells Forten that he should build up some more muscle (I have enough anyway) if he wished to have a girlfriend before he became the real 40-Year-Old virgin. Forten thought "I don't think I am going to have problem with that at this rate." While Bob just sits there laughing as if he just watched the second funniest trombone player ever. Our heroine tells Forten that he should become a pimp (which I - no offense to real pimps - resent terribly) or even an emo. She calls over her friend... umm... George, to teach Forten how to be a pimp.

Forten kindly refuses to this offer, knowing George would probably tell him some things he did not need to know about the human body, which although he finds interesting, does not wish to learn as much about the parts George more likely know about. Bob continues to laugh in the corner, being ignored by all of our characters. And so he shall stay this way.

Our heroine also makes a dirty joke, saying Forten would not understand. Bob then tries to be funny by replying with a second dirty comment. The heroes must be interrupted from their conversation to play a quick game of basketball, soon defeated, return to their seats. They talk about several other topics, before sadly parting ways after the bell.

Whew. That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Bob might have to make way for me.
Well, That's All Folks!

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bobxce said...

First off, cat bells? This seems...interesting. Second off, it was Tristen. Thrid off, I'll take a page from Stephany Meyer's book. OMG That was liek so funnyz! LULZ! But seriously, it twas funny, although I didn't say a dirty joke! If I did though, tell me what it was, cause it twas probably good. Maybe. And good job on the story telling! I don't really think Michaela's a heroine...

Forten042 said...

I know, I was concealing his name

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