Curse Karma...

For the reason I have not been posting in forever, let me just say that my "sister" has gotten me killed. For personal reasons, I am no longer allowed to be on the Internet (including now) to do anything. So I shall most likely be not updating again until Christmas. I shall try to update the image of the day when I can, but other than that, I will not be speaking to you guys.

Starting on a new note, I have recently seen a documentary on the famous Nostradamus. (so famous in fact, his name is built into spell checker) He did not in fact predict the 9/11 disaster. He was accused of this, but someone actually made up a quatrain to trick us all. (gullible us) It said...
"In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb",
The third big war will begin when the big city is burning"

- Nostradamus 1654

Wait... Nostradamus died in 1566! How does he write beyond death? He didn't. This is an example of how people "abused" Nostradamus' quatrains. So why I know believe that 2012 is not real, is that the same thing could have happened to agree with the Mayan calender. (which is a circle, so has multiple reasons for "ending" in 2012) The only reason I believed the 2012 crap, is because Nostradamus agreed.

But for all I know, this may not be true. BUT, he did predict a third Antichrist in our time. Although that may have been Saddam Hussein, I still have a right to think that it is not. (BTW, an Antichrist is like a dictator, except usually much worse) So either way, something bad is supposedly going to happen soon. Unless it did refer to Hussein, then we should be safe for at least 20 years or so. (YK2 happened, so maybe 2037 could)

I hope that clears things up for a while. Because I will not be on for a long while. Hmmm, while I am here, I suppose that I should talk about the topic of my rumored wife.

A girl in my class (you know who Bob) is supposedly going to marry me in the future. I do not in anyway believe that this is for love, but is in fact for the money that I will most likely have a lot of. I hope to either become an astronomer, or a voice actor. Both of which I am getting quite good at. She will probably marry Tristen for the *cough* *cough* "appeal." I am simply-as Bob would say-a gold digger. I do not know if I am sad about this, or if I am just insulted. Either way, I am getting a "friend" some time in the future. (I like quotation marks)

So... hmm, I haven't made a reference to anything in a while. Wow. I'm sorry (*shoots you in the face*) that I will not be able to post for a long time. So I have made this somewhat long post, to take place of several small posts every day. I hope this will satisfy you for a month. Because I am not going anywhere for a while. Now I must go AOTS is on, and I do not wish to miss much. Ciao for now. (and basically a month)

P.S to Bob: Yes Bob. I know and I am disturbed. Kichigai! (search that one up yo' wanker!)

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Final Thought: So does Mirrors Edge.

Final Thought P.S: AOTS does too.

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bobxce said...

First word, good job, that's the first post I actaully laughed at! Second, that is not Catherine, they're too awesome. Third off, you're not the gold digger, Michaela is. She's also very fun...sorry.Fourth off, know what I was gonna shout out today? FOURSOME! Just joking. Okay, the last thing is that you're probably right, Michaela will go for Tristen for the, sex appeal, don't forget that vital first word. Well, that is all, just know that I am impressed by your post. XD

-Your friend, Jacob

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