Starting off with the first review for Game week, is a game that I hold very close to my laugh box. Psychonauts. Not before I start the "review" I'll just say that our (yes, our) opinions don't really count for anything, are not professional, and are mainly for the fun of ourselves. (we only have that one viewer anyway) Now, onto Psychonauts!

Despite a title of which bob could most likely think of 101 ways to make fun, then publish a book on it, It is a really interesting game. In Psychonauts, you play as a young boy, Raz. You run away from the circus to join a Summer camp for psychic children, like yourself. As you proceed through training, one of your fellow campers (the nut ball Dogen, Who talks to squirrels) has his brain stolen. This is not only the oddest progression through the game (finding childrens brains) but quite funny too, as Raz makes a witty remark every time a you pick up a brain. By the end of the game, you are traveling through mental world after mental world. From a weird, twisted (literally) town, to a spin-off a Risk game. All for insane inmates who have no clue who you are, are why you want their straitjacket. By the end, you must confront your worst fears, and overcome them, to win the battle in your own mind. Despite how dramatic that may sound, I can't help but laugh at a circus full of fat little kids, bunnies, and meat hooks.

Now begins my opinion. Starting with...

Graphics: The graphics for this game are quite well done for a cartoon styled PC/Xbox/PS2 game. It doesn't push the graphical capabilities of your graphics card, but it looks pretty nice. Nice enough to have me play it three times without once wincing at the poor graphics. (probably because i would too busy laughing...) It some interestingly well drawn figments, and memories. (I'll touch on those later) Overall, I'd give them a 8.5/10

Audio: The voice acting for the characters seems quite well matched to the look of the character. Especially with crazed Boyd Cooper and Fred Bonaparte, (Yes, as in Napoleon) to sweet little Lili and Sheegor. The music is just regular band, no famous rock bands, or anything like that. in fact no lyrics at all. The music is commonly set right in the worlds. Although I feel the Milkman Conspiracy could have used a little wackier music. But Sasha's, Mia's, and Oleander's (Camp instructors) worlds seem to have perfect score following them. I feel that Dramatic music before the Final Boss was just as dramatic as it needed to be before it would be taken seriously. And we all know that we couldn't have that happening. ;) In the overall, Pyschonauts' music gets a 7.0/10. You need wackier music Milkmen!

Structure/Plot: Considering it has it's plot based around taking back your fellow camp-mates brains away from a crazed dentist with a mechanical eye, who wants to strap them into a mental death tank and make them shoot down innocent civilians, it has to be good. "Luckily your insurance is going to cover it all!" The structure of the game is a platformer/action kind of style. You have to collect figments, emotional baggage, (literally, it is like, handbags, duffel bags, and hatboxes) Psi cards, Psi Challenge Markers, (which you can make with 9 Psi cards plus a Psi core bought from the Camp store) Emotional cobwebs, (again, literally) and Memory Vaults. (which are like.. Here I'll just show you a picture.) ------------------>
Inside the vaults are memories, as you would expect.
Anyway, These things increase your Rank. Every ten ranks (or 5 after 30) you get a New Psi power. After 30, you get upgrades for those Psi powers. So you, of course have too look quite hard for Everything in the Mental worlds. That means every figment. Take it form me, that is NOT fun. The farthest I have gotten without serious annoyance is 93 or so. With, erm... 97 I think.

Now this game has by far the funniest lines, and moments that I have ever seen in my history of gaming. Even surpassing Earthbound, and the Mother series. Throughout the entire Milkman Conspiracy level, you will be kept wondering. " Who is the Milkman?" and laughing out the outright paranoia of Boyd Cooper, and the Mailboxes that follow you. G-Men whom you will question, and Rainbow Squirts who you will punch. ( Stupid little brats...) It also presents the best quote in video game history since "You spoony bard!" or "A winner is you!". A line that can not (if you get it) have burst out laughing when anyway says something remotely close to it. " I am the Milkman." I line that you must see to understand. So here it is for you.

Cool isn't it? It's still funny to watch after all this time even. And now Bob knows where Milkitov Cocktails originated from.

It's humor doesn't just exist on that level, but it is so funny, I would spend three pages or so showing you all the funny cutscenes and snippets. On my third play-through, I still found stuff I missed in the past 2 play-throughs. It is pretty good. Even for a Schafer Game.

The plot for the game needs no work. It works perfectly fine as it is. Overall Plot/ Structure gets a 10/10. Well done Tim!

My Rating for the full game, in it's entire entity, is a near perfect, yet completely reasonable... *drumroll*

9.5 out of 10. Yes that is as good as I can give it. It isn't perfect, but close to it.

Well, I guess that concludes part one of Game Week. Tomorrow you will see Bob, reviewing... Time Hollow I believe, or maybe a Tales game. I'll be surprised I guess.

I'm Forten042 saying Ciao for now!

P.S thanks to Seanthebond for buying it for me!

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Very good, now I want this game...And yes, you'll be surprised by what I do tomorrow, it'll be stupid AND awesome...Well awesome.


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