Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Or as I like to call it, the game that should be lost!

To summarize the plot, You are four little kids who have Psyenergy. Which is basically this game's equivalent of Magic. You have to light four lighthouses (two of which you lit in the last game) to bring up the "Golden Sun", which is said to bring about an age of peace. So with your mostly silent protagonist, and cranky elder Kraden, (who gets mad when you call him old) you must seek out as much trouble as you can get yourself into. Including pirates, stealing a ship from an ancient culture of sea-faring people, (Kind of like Atlanteans) knocking out innocent guards/people because they get in your way, Building a giant trident by stealing three precious relics from culture, throwing them into a fire, then getting your head roared off by a dragon thingie. (Finally some Karma...) and all for what purpose? Bringing peace back to the world? You just beat up over 50 people, 1000 animals, and ruined the dreams of an aspiring shaman. YOU CAUSED THE DISRUPTION IN PEACE!! I mean, you don't see anyone else walking around the overworld map decapitating wolfs, and crushing poor little imps, do you?

That wasn't really a plot... but beside that.
Here is my review!

Graphics: Well, even for a Game Boy game, this has quite poor graphics. I suppose I can't say anything bad, considering most of the Game Boy games are ported from the SNES/NES. But there is a lot of better games graphically. Like Spyro. -->
But it does have some cool art during battles, including Psyenergy powers. The charecters look cool as well. Besides, on almost every RPG the overworld sprites always look crappy. So... 5.5/10 for the graphics.

Audio: The Voice acting is non-existent. It is just the cliche "bleep-bloop" thing in most games. That works fine with me. The music isn't the best I have ever heard, but it has some cool, dramatic music, for the boss battles. I suppose that is the only music, but there is some sad, and happy music in certain parts. So my overall rating for the audio is a fair 7/10. Same as Psychonauts.

Structure/Plot: The game, as you can guess, is an RPG. I explained the plot before, so I won't be doing that again. As cliche, your character says almost nothing (Except yes or no of course) throughout the entire game, except at one point, where he says a single, solitary, word. "Why?"
when some crazy dudes are explaining a system where you take the thing in a treasure chest, and then out something back in of yours. Frankly, I prefer "Bursting into a newlyweds bedroom, searching through their drawers, and then leaving." It's kinda funny actually. Near the end of the game, you fight an INSANELY tough boss, only to realize you killed one of the main characters parents, just morphed into dragon form. If I didn't just put so much effort into killing that @&%! piece of crap, then it may have been sad.

As you level up, you learn new Psyenergy. Some of it is pretty cool, but others are just useless. Like ones that boost your P. Defense. (Psyenergy Defense) I don't care! The other form of power are Djinn (Pronounced G-knee) who grant you upgrades in strength, and defense and stuff. I think it is a pretty stupid system myself, but I guess it works, considering the boosts are more significant than Leveling up itself. They grant you specific powers depending on the specific one, when you use enough of them, they grant you the ability to summon some really cool looking gods and Monsters. But using them decreases the stats it gave you, which I found annoying mid-battle.

While I am on the topic of battle, let me talk about what is really annoying about the battle system. If the monster/person/weird sea crab thing spawned from the evil in your heart dies, any other attackers to that person will defend. Annoying the first time, annoying the next 300 times you do it.

The puzzles in the game are really fun at times though. Using your powers to do certain stuff, to unlock certain things, to fight a battle dropping a certain item you need, then to use that to escape the dungeon quicker than normal, always sparked my happiness. Some of them are tougher, but not unreasonably tough. All the powers get their fair share in their own respective dungeons. (Although I kinda thought 'Move' was used a bit too often) It's kinda cool too, by halfway through the game you get your old party form GS1 back. They instantly swap out every time your whole party dies. I, myself didn't play GS1, but everyone besides Mia seems cool to me. (Mia is too... nice, considering the many ways she knows how to kill you. And frankly, her picture creeps me out) Issac, of course doesn't talk, being protagonist of GS1. Kraden talks too much, Garet doesn't talk enough, and Jenna is just plain boring.

Taking all these facts into account, I can't give this game anything higher, or lower, than A mediocre, and defiantly fair...

*Epic dramatic music plays in background*

7, out of 10. *sigh* Here comes the hate mail from GS fans. (Kidding, they won't find this site hopefully)

Well, this has been Forten042, and to you say Ciao for Now!

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