Muramasa: The Demon Blade...A History

Well hello there, it's Bob here for day two of reviewing games. Now, when I was deciding what games to review, I very quickly ruled some out, like TOS2, Bayonetta, FFXIII and the like. If I were to review TOS2 here, Fory wouldn't be happy... Anyways, after much thought and a pounding headache, I chose....Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

One of the main reasons I chose this game, was because it's very unique in my eyes, I'll get into that later however. It's made by Vanillaware. (I love the name of the company.)

Now for a short history lesson on the word, "Muramasa." Yes, it does seem a bit similar to masamune, but be warned, they are completely different. The story behind Muramasa is that he was an ancient sword-smith who was violent and close to being mad, (As in crazy.) and people said that his blades seemed to hunger for blood, caused their wielders to commit suicide and/or murder.
It waaaants yoooour blooood~

His blades fell out of favor with the Japanese government when Tokugawa Leyasu became shogun. Well, onto the review now!

Graphics- This is one of the main reasons I actually picked this game to review. the graphics are very unique, because they're hand drawn. And despite that fact, they're very well done. The background is beautiful, the characters look like they should in that time period, and the bosses...oh the bosses are works of art. I literally felt sad when I killed one of the bosses; it was this dragon like thing. All in all, I give it a 10/10 here.

Yes, I felt bad killing this...

Sound- Well, the sound isn't as god as the graphics, but at least it's not terrible. There's not much voice acting, though there is some and it's fairly good for the characters and what they look like. The music doesn't change too much, but it does change to suit the area. The boss music is very good though. I'd give it good, but not nearly the best.

Controls- To me controls have always been one of the biggest factors to whether I like, or dislike a game. The controls can be frustrating at first, if you're not using a gamecube or classic controller, but they're very simple. 8/10.

Gameplay/plot- Ah, the biggie. The one that really matters. Now, Muramasa is split into two different stories; that of Kisuke, a young ninja who's being chased for a crime he committed of which he has no memory of, and Momohine, a young princess who became possessed by Jinkuro, a foul swordsmen. While Momohine and Kisuke cross paths, by the end, their stories are totally different than each other's. Both story lines are around 9-10 hours or so. There are three difficulties as well.The game play is fairly simple, and consists of a 2-D side-stroller in which you fight enemies and wander around if you wish to. The only thing preventing you from wandering is barriers which you need certain swords to destroy. You can forge swords as well, each is unique with it's own special attack. There are also two types of sword, long and short. Long swords are powerful and have a long reach, and short swords are fast and agile. It's a very addicting game, and the plots are very intriguing. 9/10

Finally, for the final overall rating... *Jeopardy music plays and Alex Trebek appears.* Wait...what...Alex Trebek?! Anyways, the final rating is....8/10!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first review. i do believe Fory is doing Golden Sun tomorrow. Bye!

*I (Fory) pop in* Yep! Doing Golden Sun: The Lost Age tomorrow. Anyway, bye! *pops out*

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