Then there was Earthbound...

Although I am sure none of my recent viewers care, here is yet another post about that Almighty game; Earthbound.

Today I wish to speak of something that I am surprised I never noticed. On the Earthbound Cover, because frankly, it explains SO much.

(click to enbiggen)

If you can't read my writing, I have pointed out that fact that it looks like Ness is inside the Starman. And the fact that the name Earthbound is trademarked. That's good. I just hope soon that they release this on the virtual console. Because we really have "scraped the bottom of the glitches and bugs barrel."

Now unto my other viewers. My brother Seanthebond, came back from my Dad's house out in (censored) which is quite far away. The only things I really had to do, were Dragon Ball Z Budikai Tenchichi 3, (hope I spelled that right) And Grim Fandango. But Seanthebond returned, so that is good.

Bob recently tried to give me some more pyschology stuff; which I never understand. But whatever right? Wrong! Nah I'm just kidding, you're right :D

While watching AOTS recently, I came across a video that I believe Bob may enjoy. Knowing his odd "fetish" for Alex Trebek."

Anyway... I suppose that is about it. Well, Ciao for now then!

P.S. Don't see that Earthbound movie! It might cause a rise in prices!

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