Don't Panic: It's Just Towel Day

For those of my viewers who somehow don't already know, it's Towel Day today! On this day you must bring your towel around all day with you to show your remembrance, and respect of the great (yes bob,  I can say "great" here) Douglas Adams.

Today was slightly better than last year's. For once, people actually knew what Towel Day was, and I'm sure some one besides my close friends brought one. But today is not a day to think of the past, today is a day to look forward to the future. Who knows, maybe one day cars will be powered by towels.

"Bob: No. That's stupid."

Okay, maybe something less stupid. Anyway, today was quite nice. I suppose that it could have been slightly better, in the ways of participation. But I really can't expect anyone to bring a towel to school, for a reason they could care less about. Sadly Mr. Bauckman also forgot, but that can be understood, considering he has a terrible cold.

I wrote a story in Free Wring today called "50 Uses for a Towel." I don't know what really compelled me to do this, I just kind of felt like it. It isn't too interesting, so I'll just forget about it for now. By the way, did you know that Douglas Adams has his own brand of Bath Towel? It's true, as I hope you can see.Well, It's inspired by him. I don't think he actually made it, but maybe.

Anyway, I have not progressed much in my hack recently. But, I did integrate my first of the "grave" system. Basically, I am referencing all of the stuff in my old, crappy hack. This 'grave' is for Chronically depressed  Paula. To be honest, I am glad that that idea died with the hack, it would have been really... odd. To say the least.

Anyway, I'll keep you informed on all the little things I manage to do. Who knows, maybe one day, before like, the world ends in 3 billion years, it will be done. That won't be anytime soon though, at my rate. After this, I might try messing around with CT, like Sean hinted at. (well, kinda hinted at)


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