Map Editing for Worthless Protoplasms

Yay! My first update about Earkbound. (Or whatever I come up with for a title) I am not actually going to show you how to edit maps, (unless some random protoplasm just walks trudges in) But more about my map edit. I cleared away a little part of the trees in Onett, and made a little aclove. It's nothing really big. But I thought since it is my first map edit, and I am quite proud of it, that I would show it to you. That, and nobody besides Sean has had any real update with my progress along my hack project. I have learned a lot over the time since I started, (namely, Text editing is hard) and have made a lot of mistakes. (You will hear about them if I decide to include that "Hack Graveyard" in place of Threed's normal one)  But my most notable success to this point is Map editing. That and Spock :D

Another one of my little Bloopers, is with the Sharks. A guy who asks you if you want to join the Sharks (Which of course, had to be changed, considering you are in the Sharks) asks if you want gum. If you say Yes, he tells you to come when you finish Earthbound. You say No, He goes "..." And beats you up.

Maybe you don't think it's funny, but it's the first line of humor I wrote. So whatever. My next plan is to edit the map of Magicant, and figure out how to edit doors. That might be useful. After that I need to come up with a better name than Earkbound. I have a lot of stuff on my "To Hack" list, so I might not get around to it for a while. But you can expect to see these every now and then.

Until then, This is Forten042 saying goodbye.

P.S. Considering how cool Game Week was, I might review something now and again. Still not professionally though.

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